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Popular Candies Variety Box

Popular Candies Variety Box

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Mallko Store's  Popular Candies Variety  Box takes you on a journey through a world of delicious flavors. This one-of-a-kind variety mixes the rich pleasure of chocolates with the vivid flavor of varied candies, resulting in the ideal balance of sweet and sour sensations.

Inside, you'll find a selection of delights that satisfy every need.

Dabur Hajmola : Two jars of traditional digestive pills with tangy and herbal flavors to promote digestion after meals.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy: A timeless Chinese staple, these creamy milk sweets are wrapped in edible rice paper for a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth experience. 20-27 Pcs Pack

Center Fresh Candy: These liquid-filled candies provide a burst of cold mint flavor, making them ideal for freshening your breath at any time. 100 Pcs Pack

Swad Candy: These sweets are colorful and fruity, with each piece providing a blast of sweetness and a wonderful taste of different fruits. Small Pack 

Mango Orange Candies: These individually wrapped candies capture the delicious taste of ripe mangoes and zesty oranges, making them great for fulfilling a sweet tooth on the go. Small Pack

Each item in this box is carefully chosen to provide a distinct taste experience, whether you prefer rich chocolates or fruity candies. This  Popular Candies Variety  Box, attractively packaged, makes a great present or a lovely indulgence for yourself, combining flavors from all over the world in one appealing collection.

Popular Candies Variety Box will take you on an exotic journey of flavors, with each bite being a new adventure in taste. 

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