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Nepali Daura Suruwal

Nepali Daura Suruwal

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Add Dhaka Topi (Nepali Hat)


  • Nepali Daura Suruwal 
  • Daura Suruwal Designs for adults
  • Daura Suruwal Dhaka Topi combo package available 
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  • We will send you the Color Selection choices via Text before we ship it. 


  • Small - upto chest size 38\40 Inches
  • Medium- up to chest size 40\42 Inches
  • Large - up to chest size 42\44 inches
  • Extra Large - up to chest size 44\46 inches
  • Message us on whatsapp if you have any questions before or after your purchase. 
  • Colors Available : Gray , Cream 

Daura suruwal is the national outfit of Nepalese men. Daura Suruwal and its journey have been traced back to Peshawar, Kashmir to Nepal through Afghanistan. The Daura is a variation of the Kurta and is the upper piece of clothing, the Suruwal is the pant. A coat and the Bhadgaule topi or the Dhaka topi is essential to complete the Nepali look. The Malla Kings of Nepal were religious and were practitioners of the tantric sect of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is during the reign of the Malla dynasty that the Daura Suruwal achieved religious attributions. The Daura has eight strings used to tie the Daura which are denoted as Astamatrika-Singini. The pleats or Kallis imply the Pancha Buddha or Pancha Ratna. The closed neck of the Daura means the snake around the Master Shiva’s neck

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