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Chatpate Masala And Chutney

Chatpate Masala And Chutney

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Spice up  your snacks with our amazing Chatpate Masala and Chutney combo! This bright combination of  spicy, and savory tastes is ideal for bringing excitement to any cuisine. The Chatpate Masala, produced with a unique blend of traditional spices, complements everything from chaats to salads, while the spicy chutney strikes the ideal balance between sweet and sour. Together, they produce an amazing flavor experience that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Elevate your meals with our Chatpate Masala & Chutney for a genuine flavor journey!

Chatpate  Masala ( Rato Bhale ) - 200 gms 

Chatpate Chutney Rato Bhale- 394 gms

Chatpate Masala ( Century ) - 50 gms 

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