Nepali Movie OverDoze is now showing in Dallas

Nepali Movie OverDoze is now showing in Dallas

OverDoze, Nepali movie is now showing in Dallas from July 3rd, 2021 for a week. The movie will be screened at Fun Movie Grill, previously known as Hollywood Theater in north Irving. 

The red-carpet premiere show will be held on July 3rd, at 7:00 pm followed by a short red carpet event at 6:30 pm in the lobby area inside Fun Movie Grill, Macarthur Marketplace.

Rated : R


Category/ Genre: Crime/ Drama

OverDozeSuman Paudel, is a feature film directed  by Suman Paudel, a Dallas based Nepali Filmmaker. The movie features a lot of promising Nepali and international talents from around DFW metro.  The movie is produced by Dada Production House from Dallas. Movie was shoot in Dallas, Texas. 
The lead actors include Swami D (Dallas based rapper), Pranish Raj Panta, Sabin Jung Thapa, Bina Shrestha. The popular OverDoze title track features talented rapper PSPN
To book the movie in your city outside Dallas contact Nepal11 Entertainment


Movie Synopsis: 

Synopsis: Book Writer Dr. Trivedi Sharma interviews YogNaran Siwakoti about his past involvement in drugs and crime. YogNaran narrates how he got into illegal drug businesses through his friend Raman who was a drug-addict working for drug-lord Raghunath.

Cast and Team: 

Raman: Pranish Raj Pant
Yogi : Sabin Jung thapa
Paaru: Bina Shrestha
Dunder: Allen Bornilla
Raghunath: Swami D
Dr. Trivedi: Shubang Gautam
Bisakha- Sadikahya Karki
Jackie- Duane Turner
Jackie’s wife - Charitee Higgins
Jackie’s daughter- shyla Dang
Mr. Cliff, Mayor - Chris Alello
Marie, Maid- Jay Jay Dang
Bodyguard Bryan- Marcus Jones
Jenny- Mickey Cooper
Manager Marjorie- Jennifer Suter
Gloria- Evana Thapa
Drug dealers: Sajan Karki,
Paras Upadhyaye,
Guy with bag- Nayan Acharya.
Waiter: Janak Sammat
Fulkamari devi
Driver: Roshan Ranabhat

Sound in location: Sudip Aryal
Script Supervisor: Upendra Panjiyaar
Cinematographer: Gucci Bhai
Assistant Cinematographer: Rabindra shrestha
Visual effects: Kamal Panday
Music: PJ Waiva
Production Designer: Nayan Acharya
Editor: Sajan Karki
Directed by: Suman Paudel

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